[mythtv] Hardware requirements confusion

Robert Middleswarth robert at middleswarth.net
Tue Feb 4 17:27:40 EST 2003

Ian Goldberg wrote:

>On Tue, 04 Feb 2003 13:48:13 -0500, Ken VanDine wrote:
>>How do people do it with the cheaper machines?  I would love to know.
>>Anyone want to tell their story using < 1Ghz box?
>I just got things working with my PIII-450.  I can only capture at
>320x240, so the quality's not the best, but my CPU is only at about 20%.
>I tried higher resolutions: 480x360 was too much for my CPU, and
>intermediate values like 400x300 caused mythbackend to segfault.  :-p
>   - Ian
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Question just for my known as I am looking to use low end hardware and a 
450 is right in the range that I can get free systems at.  So at 320x240 
you are able to capture 320x240.  Are there any jerking or other 
problems with the stream.  Also can you do live tv aka recording and 
playing at that level or not.

Robert Middleswarth
robert at middleswarth.net

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