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Tue Feb 4 14:24:05 EST 2003

Running MythTV on TiVo would suck.  Its a 50 MHz PPC processor with 64 MB of RAM.

I have been working on a variation of this.

The TiVo does an excellent job of scheduling, hardware encoding SD TV, and 
interacting with my Cable Box.  It does a terrible job of distributing 
streams over my network and expanding into more than a SDTV player (ala
DVD player and so on).

I am working on a MythTiVo module for playing streams directly from my
TiVo boxes.  It is basically consists of Tridge's vserver on the Tivo,
a combination of some of the demux/mux work from dealdatabase.com, and
stock mplayer (basically handling a ty stream natively on the PC).

Now I can throw any moderately powered garden variety PC in front of all 
my PCs and have a Home Video Network.

> that all depends.. does the special hardware contain a bt878 chipset,
> generic tv tuner, etc..etc...etc.. I would like to see some technical
> specs. that sounds like an interesting project.. Expecially because I love
> the way mythtv looks. And the ability to add features to mythtv makes it
> much more appealing than TiVo.. My woman on the other hand would probably
> kill me because "the TiVo works great the way it is!!" and I would be like
> "But... dear... it would uhm... be way cooler!!" hehe.. instant doghouse.
> :)
> Anyways, let me know
> --Micah Morton
> --Linux Network Test Engineer
> --Intel Corp
> > Here's my next question.  Can a Tivo run MythTV? The hardware is
> > obviously there. But if you installed Linux on a Tivo, would the special
> > hardware be utilized?
> >
> > Michael
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