[mythtv] Walmart PVR

Robert Middleswarth robert at middleswarth.net
Tue Feb 4 14:28:59 EST 2003

Bruce Markey wrote:

> Michael Stearne wrote:
>> I have just recently come across MythTV.  The interface looks amazing,
>> it's so polished.  My goal is to make the cheapest PVR possible (isn't
>> that everyone's). 
> Certainly not my goal. I want the most functional system
> possible at a reasonable cost. Several people focus on
> the size of the case no matter what it takes to shoehorn
> inadequate parts into a small form factor. 

I am Not one of those but if you only have some much space in you living 
room enterment center and you wife would kill you if you tried to stick 
a tower in her living room.  Then Yes I could see this being worked on.

> Other want to
> redeploy useless old machines apparently assuming that
> 'just a PVR' must not need much as far as resources.

Later on you refer to 'bang for the buck' well I am able to get PII 400 
for $0.00 can't get much better bang then that.

> I just don't understand these approaches =). I bought the
> best 'bang for the buck' parts I could and put them in the
> biggest case I could find (I don't have to bend as far to
> reach the DVD tray ;-). 

I don't disagree with that on the boxes that I will build I will probly 
do something like that.

> To use the walmart PC, you'll need a capture card, probably
> a graphic card that supports Xv, either tv-out on a new
> graphics card or a scan converter, a sound card if the on-
> board sound is inadequate, wireless keyboard and/or remote
> control, you'll eventually want a bigger disk to provide
> more record time, and the CPU is inadequate to do video
> encoding at a good resolution and it would need a new
> motherboard to use a decent CPU. So, for $199 you're left
> with a case and an under powered power supply :-(.
> You would be better building a system from scratch but
> if you want to start from a pre-built system, look for
> something with at least a 1.2GHz CPU, two free PCI slots,
> and preferably an AGP slot.

In the end there are different needs for different people.  I will 
probley built 3 Machines that will be built with the idea of being quiet 
they will most likely be player only and go in the 2 Bedrooms and the 
livingroom.  I will also build at least 4 probly 8 Encoder Boxes that 
will going in the computer/server room that will be built with price in 
mind I wont care how loud they are.

Robert Middleswarth
robert at middleswarth.net

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