[mythtv] MythTV segfaults

Steven Gill steven.gill at verizon.net
Tue Feb 4 14:14:57 EST 2003


I am pretty new here, but I've got MythTV up and running well on my
Celeron 1.1 GHZ with my Matrox G200-TV.  I;ve noticed a couple instances
with segfaults, and I wasn't sure if its been addressed, but I can tell
you when they happen. BTW, I am using MythTV CVS from 2 days ago.  And
use MJPEG to compress.

mythfrontend segfualts consistsently when:

- In record a program (EPG) in alternate mode and press 'X' to view the
channel in the upper right window.

- When choosing to play a recording and I press up and down a couple of
times to switch between programs.

- Sometimes when finishing watching a recorded program (or when hitting
escape when watching a recorded program)

mythbackend has segfualted a couple of times when leaving livetv, but
doesn't seem consistent to find a procedure to do it yet.


PS Does anyone know if playback uses mjpeg hardware if there is no
recording done?  Its weird since recording takes 20% CPU (which I assume
is all from the MP3 encoding), and playback takes almost nothing.  The
only time I get pegged is when watching livetv
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