[mythtv] No video with Wintv Pro card

Matthew Brichacek mmbrich at ldl.fc.hp.com
Tue Feb 4 11:39:09 EST 2003

Hello all,
	I am working on getting a PVR setup.  I currently have the following
AMD K-7 550Mhz
500 MB RAM
WinTV Pro w/ Radio
RH 8.0

I have tried this config on 3 different machines, all running different
distros, etc but I still get the same problems.

Ok, I install all the modules: bttv, tuner, i2c stuff, etc  and just to
test out the card xawtv will run it with xawtv -c /dev/video0.  When
starting mythfrontend (0.7 but I have tried CVS also) everything comes
up ok and I can select the Watch TV option.  When myth switches to
WatchingLiveTV I can hear the audio but I get no picture at all.  I can
get the sound working either through the btaudio driver, or through my
es1371 card if I set that up.

I don't have alsa running yet, I have the kernel compiled and ready, but
i wanted to ask the list if I am doing something obviously wrong.


Matthew Brichacek
Linux R & D Engineer
Hewlett Packard CO

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