[mythtv] Program Deletion?

jasonmiller jasonmiller at micron.com
Tue Feb 4 10:35:48 EST 2003

Hmmm, no takers on this one then.  Can anyone say with confidence that
deleting an entry in the recorded table and the associated .nuv file is all
that is required to delete a show?  Assuming, of course, that it isn't in
the process of being recorded at the time of deletion.

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I'm working on a little perl script to manage deleting old episodes to keep
the disk from filling up.  At this point, I'm just deleting the entry in the
recorded table and deleting the .nuv file.  I'm assuming this is a somewhat
dangerous way to go.  Any suggestions on how to proceed more safely?
Talking to the backend server directly would seem to make sense.  Is the
interface to the backend server documented anywhere?
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