[mythtv] Weird error WatchingLiveTV

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 3 21:34:34 EST 2003

Okay, I finally had everything working great with 0.7 and I had to go
messing around with my video driver configuration.  I have an Nvidia
GeForce4 MX 440, using the Nvidia binary drivers.  Then I decided to try
the vesafb console framebuffer driver so I could have a nice MythTV
bootup splash screen.  That seemed to cause some problems, so I reverted
to my old config... but the problems remained!  Now when I watch Live
TV, I get the following error, or something like it:

	Internal buffer inconsistency. flushbits <> ResvSize
	bitstream problem: resyncing...
	big_values too large! 312
	Blocktype == 0 and window-switching == 1 not allowed.
	mpg123: Can't rewind stream by 704 bits!
	big_values too large! 479
	big_values too large! 468
	big_values too large! 292

Then myth crashes.  I don't have any problem watching previously
recorded stuff.  This problem seems to occur in RecordingOnly mode as
well, as when Myth starts recording it crashes repeatedly.

FYI, I'm using btaudio for my audio capture, but I didn't change my
audio setup.

Any thoughts?

-Joe C.

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