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I noticed your team some weeks ago and since, I am think about building my own box.

That one should support:
 - 2 BT878 boards (at least) for 2HQ or HQ/Live support,
 - the third board could be my early 848 for occasional LQ picture in picture application, webcam support, ...
 - audio, DVD, DVD-RW,
 - audio juke box,
 - streamings over DSL?
 - LQ internet on TV (10 lines :-)

A single box will be a starter. Noise and heat will sure quickly require server/frontend architecture...


Notes and dirty starter:

RAID, why RAID, because I will plug 2 TV boards and will hope this suites either record+live or dual record applications
The Asus A7V333-RAID 0 (striping) with 2x80G should be nice and a way cheaper / less noisy than any SCSI solution.

Hardware RAID because this sould free up CPU for live compression.
If required, LVM should allow upper layer storage organization (between video/radio/mp3s/...)
If required, the OS and apps will be stored on SCSI (but I'll try to avoid because too noisy, may be increasing RAM&cache)

3 TV streams should require a lot of CPU (2 recordings, 1 read).

I first thought about SMP (dual XP-MP) but this is sure too hot&noisy :-)
A XP2600+ may support such a load...

It should, at least it will support a mix of HQ/LQ TV streams before server/frontend architecture.
TV out load should be low assuming video boards support MPEG-1/2 hardware acceleration (MX440 on AGP 4x).

Hauppauge WinTV Pro should be fine with 878 (25fps hires) + NICAM.

Sound, why sould I install several sound boards where btaudio (included from 2.4.19) should allow direct record out of TV boards?
Pluging less boards should decrease memory/PCI load and will free up CPU time for live MPEG encoding... A7V333 includes sound chip.-------------- next part --------------
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