[mythtv] backend plus frontend

Douglas Pace Douglas.Pace at NAU.EDU
Mon Feb 3 15:38:22 EST 2003

Sorry, I was incorrect. mythfrontend doesn't, but it seems that 
mythbackend does. While trying to solve my problem of the connection 
timing out, I finally modified backend_settings.txt on the machine the 
backend was running on, and everything worked. mythbackend appears to be 
using this file to create the URL it sends to the frontend, correct? In 
any case, I know I didn't think of modifying this file, and modifying it 
seemed to fix my problem. I believe it actually tells you to do this in 
the CVS docs, but what would be the fun of reading documentation before 
you fix the problem. =)

BTW Issac, thanks for a great product.


Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Monday 03 February 2003 12:04 pm, Douglas Pace wrote:
>>One thing I found while trying to get it to work for myself, was that
>>the backend_settings.txt on the front end and the backend must be the
>>same. At least in the version of CVS I was running.  I'm assuming this
>>is because this feature is still under heavy development. Although, I
>>was getting a 'Connection timed out' from the frontend, if your getting
>>something else, can't really help. Sorry.
>The frontend doesn't even attempt to parse backend_settings.txt.
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