[mythtv] backend plus frontend

Greg.Froese at Federated.CA Greg.Froese at Federated.CA
Mon Feb 3 14:56:37 EST 2003

thanks Isaac, 
you are absolutely right about my versions conflicting.
can't wait to get home and update, hmm, why wait until I get home, i'll 
start compiling now.  gotta love ssh.

perhaps you could put in an initial check for matching versions between 
the frontend and backend and give a nice friendly puke on the frontend if 
they don't match.
this may become more of an issue once people have a few frontends on the 

just my 2 cents

Isaac Richards <ijr at po.cwru.edu>
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02/03/2003 01:16 PM
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On Monday 03 February 2003 09:03 am, Greg.Froese at federated.ca wrote:
> Ken,
> I'm not totally there myself.  I can get mythtv to startup fine on the
> frontend, while the backend is running on a different machine across my
> LAN.  I select TV and I can schedule a recording using the guide with no
> trouble.  however, if i try to watch a recorded show, I get the screen
> displaying all my shows and the first one is highlighted with all the
> details at the bottom, however, that is where mythfrontend hangs.
> An error appears on the console in the backend saying something like:
> unknown command: QM<something, can't remember>_CHECKFILE
> obviously not sure what the error is, but something to that effect.
> any one else having these problems?

You're running an older cvs checkout on the backend than you are on the 

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