[mythtv] Recommended integrated motherboard with tv-out?

Matthew Schulkind mss2049 at columbia.edu
Mon Feb 3 14:54:29 EST 2003

Chris Lack wrote:

>They all have tv-out.  Unfortunately it's via an agp riser card that's a 
>little difficult to find.  I had a link bookmarked to a retailer that was 
>selling them but I lost it at some point.  The 5.1 sound definately is not 
>supported in linux unless things have changed in the past month.  The onboard 
>sound is really almost the same as what was on the old i810 boards.
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With a SB Live! at least, the 5.1 support is pretty much the same as in 
windows, you're not going to generate 5.1 from a non-5.1 stream, but I 
can play my DVDs with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS using ac3 passthrough 
and an external decoder just the same as in windows.


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