[mythtv] Patch: Volume and Mute support

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 3 09:09:14 EST 2003

At 2-2-03 19:26, you wrote:
>If I can throw in my two cents, I might like the ability to mute the
>commercials when I'm watching LiveTV with no delay (that is, when I'm watching
>real live tv). I find the commercials are so much louder than the show, it's
>insane. I nearly deafen myself when the commercials come on. :)

What do you mean by LiveTV and "real live tv"? Myth doesn't do 'live' TV, 
it always delays with a minimal amount. MythTV or it's future mute-switch 
doesn't know the difference between (nearly) "real-time" and 30 minutes 


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