[mythtv] G200TV sound bizarrity

Colin Panisset mythtv at clabber.com
Sun Feb 2 23:45:21 EST 2003

Okay, I made that word up.

I've been trying to use the mgavideo-1.1 drivers from 
marvel.sourceforge.net, and they seem to work just dandy for the video side 
of things, but the documentation (ha!) is so poor that I really can't work 
out just what the heck's going on with the audio.

Those of you who have these cards might be able to help: the external blue 
box ("breakout box" by some jargon) has the big proprietary multipin 
connector on it which goes back to the PC and plugs into the card, along 
with two stereo mini jacks labelled "AUDIO IN" and "AUDIO OUT". 
Confusingly, these are meant to represent audio in to the breakout box, and 
audio out of it -- NOT audio into/out of the PC. Yay for French labelling, 
but that's not the problem.

What I want (and it's not unreasonable) is to have the TV tuner audio routed 
through the "AUDIO OUT" plug, into the sound card so that it gets encoded 
with the video; then to have audio played by the sound card routed from the 
"AUDIO IN" plug through the breakout box to emerge from the left and right 
RCA audio out plugs and thence to the TV. Simple, really. 

The above drivers just won't do it, as far as I can tell, and the 
documentation is so ghastly that I just can't work out what's meant to go 

Does anyone have this working, or will I be forced to connect the RCA out 
from the breakout box to my sound card, and then connect my sound card 
direct to my TV? That's *ugly*! Gaah!

Please! If this works for you, then (a) what drivers are you using (b) did 
you have to tweak them?

  -- C. (ack! thbthbthpt!)

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