[mythtv] Recommended integrated motherboard with tv-out?

Michael Bourgon michael_bourgon at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 2 08:13:50 EST 2003

After going through silentPCreview.com, I think I've
finally found  the parts I want for my system.  

CPU: 1.8 P4 (Zalman heatsink, panaflow fan at 2v) 
or 2100 Athlon (Thermalright SLK800, panaflow fav at
RAM: Crucial 256 mb
HD: Seagate Barracuda IV (40 or 60 gig)
Case: TBD, though the Antec Sonata has promise
PS: Nexus-3000 or Seasonic SS-300 PFC
TV Cards: Hauppage WinTV-Radio or ATI TV Wonder (i.e.
stereo card - recommendations appreciated)

However, I'm not sure which motherboard.  My initial
thought is a nForce: integrated, built-in everything
(and some have TV-out), including 5.1 sound (though
not sure if it works on Linux).

Can anyone recommend any other mobos?  Any changes? Thanks!

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