[mythtv] Channel Locking Live TV

James Sleeman bitsy_boffin at cyberdude.com
Sun Feb 2 01:52:42 EST 2003

Brian Foddy wrote:

>For some time I've been paranoid and very careful about 
>doing serious timeshifting tv too much because of the very simple
>ease to lose the whole show by hitting the wrong button, 
Yes!  I do this all the time, busy watching live tv but delayed by maybe 
20 or 30 minutes because I paused for a while, ad break comes on, I 
forget I'm watching delayed TV and hit the channel up button to surf 
while the ads are on, as soon as I've hit the button I realise I've just 
ost 20mins of whatever I was watching. ARGH!

>So feeling a little bored and curious of the source code, I decided
>to try and add a simple feature...  A Channel Lock.  When set by
>hitting "L", the Escape key and channel changing keystrokes
>are ignored.  Hitting "U" unlocks.  Simple enough...
That's one solution, but I think a better one would be if you are 
currently watching with a delay that if you do anything that would lose 
the delayed video (change channels, ESC, etc) it should prompt you first 
.. "You are watching live tv delayed by x minutes, are you sure you want 
to do this ?".  I doubt would remember to hit the L key to lock a channel.

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