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Jeff Quimby mythtv at quimby.us
Wed Dec 31 10:07:57 EST 2003

This is a general question about the future development for MythTV.

(  Before I get into the guts of my email - The people who contributed to this project have done an excellent job! )

Anywho, I have a question regarding the future development direction on user accounts.  I haven't had time to search the email/news archives so forgive me if this topic is being reproduced.  With my life setting back into a groove, which is providing me, some time to develop code at home.  I was curious if anyone has though of developing a user module.  My initial thoughts, this module would provide these functionalities:

1) Individual Viewing Lists Based On Logged In User.  ( Wife might have different tastes and doesn't want to see all those recordings of Dr. Phil...eerrr..Sci-Fi shows. )

2) Parental Lock Control

3) Channel Filtering Ex. - Some reason you might just like to watch 4 channels, change it so the guide just displays those for channels or be used to control which channels kids and record.

4) User categories ( Ex. - All new Monday shows, 2003-2004 Season of Enterprise )

5) User recording options/expanded scheduling features - Entire show season,  Entire Collection Simpson Episodes Based on Original Air Date.

6) User Profiling - This part would try and figure out which shows you might like to watch.  Example,  3 AM two movies are about to start,  "SpaceBalls" and"Cyborg".  Both are considered Sci-Fi shows.  Cyborg is Acton while SpaceBalls is Comedy.  You have watched an equal number of Sci-Fi/Action Sci-Fi/Comedy shows.  However, recently you watched a John Candy movie.  Therefore it will record SpaceBalls as a show you might enjoy to watch.  Granted this module part will be the most difficult and most fun to write.  Additionally for those Big Brother types, provide an option to flick this option on or off.

Thanks for reading my babble of thoughts,

Jeff Quimby

mythTV at quimby.us
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