[mythtv] pcHDTV: dual input

Chris Eldredge chriseldredge at comcast.net
Mon Dec 29 19:19:09 EST 2003

That's interesting.  I noticed when hacking bttv a little that it had a
int indicating which input had the tuner.  But the real question is does
MythTV actually care?  I haven't looked, will do so later, but it could
just as easily try to tune an input without caring which one it is, then
handle an error if the input isn't tunable.  Even if it does check now I
think that's a simlpe enough fix.

The other option, which I think may require more changes to MythTV would
be to get myth to understand that the same card can pull an mpeg stream
and grab ntsc, and set up the device based on a flag in the channel table.
 I heard that MythTV, as a result of class design, is not easily able to
handle 2 different formats on the same hardware device, and still handle
proper resource allocation/conflict resolution.

If MythTV could reliably do option 2 though, I already wrote a dirty hack
on the tuner kernel driver, which takes optional module parameters
ntsc_input and atsc_input, which allow you to force the input to be "main"
or "aux" depending on if the requested signal is atsc or ntsc.  Not useful
in every situation but it works well for me.  I'll make that patch
available on request.


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