[mythtv] feature request. fast switching between windowed and full screen mode.

Terje Kvernes terjekv at math.uio.no
Sat Dec 27 10:18:43 EST 2003

  hi all.  thank you for the greatness that is Myth.  =)

  I have one small annoyance with Myth, which stems from me using Myth
  on my 19" LCD most of the time.  I'd love to be able to quickly
  switch between full screen mode (x- / y-size set to 0, 0 in the
  preferences), and a window of a given size.  I quite often watch
  LiveTV in a Window, but I'd love to be able to turn Myth full screen
  without having to go through the preferences to do so.

  one simple solution would be to bind a key globally to switch
  between the full screen settings and the windowed settings.  another
  version might be to allow different modes to be set up and labeled,
  then allowing the user to switch between these modes much like how
  we switch between aspect ratios?  This could also be useful for
  people who use the same frontend to feed different types of units,
  as underscan values etc might differ.

  I'm sadly enough not much of a C++ guy, but I'd be willing to help
  test and do some coding if anyone has any good pointers on where to
  start and how one would like something like these setups stored.


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