[mythtv] Browsemode: Incorrect display of channels without program info

Martin Rehfeld klickmich at gmx.de
Sat Dec 27 08:08:21 EST 2003

Hello everybody,

I noticed a small glitch in the OSD of browsemode when there is no
program info available for a certain channel (I don't get XML for every
channel I can receive here in germany).

When you browse to such a channel the OSD shows only the channum, no
callsign/name and "(xy minutes)" as the program info text.

It would be nice if at least the callsign could be shown, so you
actually know which channel you are switching to, and the "(xy minutes)"
text would be suppressed.

I don't know enough C++ to correct this myself but it must be somewhere
in tv_play.cpp's TV::BrowseDispInfo...


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