[mythtv] [PATCH] Option to always use full screen for TV

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Dec 26 19:19:38 EST 2003

On 12/26/03 18:28:29, Michael Greb wrote:
> Is the current mechanism for this not good enough?  There are  
> settings for overscan that will cause the tv playback picture to go  
> past the sides of the space used by the gui.  I've been using this to  
> get perfect overscan for gui and video.

The issue is that I'm using an HDTV for display, which will only accept  
certain resolutions, those being the native resolution of the HD  
content I'm displaying.  The object is to not scale the video at all,  
so as not to introduce articfacts.

There was a fairly big discussion on this topic back in November.  See  
the thread "GUI size vs. video size".

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