[mythtv] Wrong time in Myth with PVR350 PAL output

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Fri Dec 26 18:08:24 EST 2003

On Friday 26 December 2003 05:07 pm, Torsten Schenkel wrote:
> The problem is with pvr350 out, not with encoding or the database. It's
> cause has therefore to be found somewere in NuppelVideoPlayer,
> ivtvdecoder, nuppeldecoder or videoout_ivtv.cpp (which only provides a
> class for NuppelVideoPlayer, IIC)
> Any ideas were to look for it? My first guess was video_frame_rate, but
> this was a red herring, I assume.

I bet it's the keyframedist stuff in ivtvdecoder -- try changing that to 12 
instead of 15 in the constructor.


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