[mythtv] Wrong time in Myth with PVR350 PAL output

Torsten Schenkel torsten.schenkel at web.de
Wed Dec 24 04:02:54 EST 2003

Am Mi, den 24.12.2003 schrieb David Engel um 01:02:
> On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 07:36:42PM +0100, Torsten Schenkel wrote:
> > Am Mo, den 22.12.2003 schrieb David Engel um 20:58:
> > > It should be mostly fixed in my latest patch from Friday.
> > 
> > Nope, just tested your patch from today. No change, still there. Didn't
> > time it, but the amount doesn't seem to have decreased.
> I guess I didn't read your earlier message closely enough and assumed
> it was due to the other problem I had addressed.  It appears your
> problem is indeed an NTSC/PAL problem.  'Sorry for the confusion.
> > Do you know were video_frame_rate gets set?
> Not off hand.  I don't believe my changes touched that nor should
> affect it, but I could be wrong.
> After a little bit of digging, the frame rate is ultimately determined
> by querying the ivtv driver with the VIDIOC_G_STD ioctl.  Are you sure
> you have your driver configured properly?

Well, I guess so, since everything else is PAL. Playback speed itself is
fine at 25fps it only calculates wrong times.

Is there a possibility to print out the value of fps and
video_frame_rate periodically.

I don't know enough about C++, but could the 

#define video_frame_rate = 30

in audiooutputoss.cpp

override the other settings (I guess not, this shouldn't be a global

I guess we should look at the value of video_frame_rate and fps to be


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