[mythtv] [Committed] Increase block size

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Dec 24 03:09:48 EST 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 December 2003 12:57 am, Bruce Markey wrote:
>>Mark Frey wrote:
>>>As per the "Solving my performance problems" thread, here is the patch
>>>that allows for block sizes greater than 64000 bytes.
>>avalanche at beyondmonkey.com wrote:
>>>I attached the complete patch with a few changes:
>>Applied. I also did a little minor cleanup. Mostly changing
>>error type messages to VB_IMPORTANT, removed a few comments
>>and some stylistic things I know Isaac prefers.
>>I toyed with an initial size of 64000 then increasing to 128000
>>if estbitrate > 6000 but mpeg4 doesn't bother with calculating
>>bitrates (assumes it is always relatively low) so I put this
>>off until more testing after the holidays.
> Am I correct in assuming that this means that RemoteFile::Reset is obsolete 
> now?  Would speed things up slightly without that usleep in there..

I would think so since there shouldn't be anything unaccounted
for on the wire. I haven't seen the VB_NETWORK message ever with
this version. Since bytesAvailable is always 0 it's only a gain
of the one sleep really. I'm not sure if there is the possibility
of a partial block after an error or something like that.

--  bjm

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