[mythtv] [PATCH] better GOP detection for HDTV

Jason Hoos jhoos at thwack.net
Mon Dec 22 11:47:54 EST 2003

> I checked the stream from the other station, and it did have 
> a sequence
> header before each  GOP header.  However, I think I came 
> across something
> someplace that said that some streams don't (I'd have to go 
> look again), so
> it'd probably be better to use the GOP headers if they exist, 
> and fall back
> to the sequence headers if they don't...

Doug -

I got a chance to try this out this weekend, and modifying hdtvrecorder.cpp
to detect the sequence headers seems to work.  I was able to view broadcasts
from the station here that doesn't have GOP markers without trouble.
Seeking (ff/rw) was still funky, but then it was funky on the "normal"
station too.  When I told it to rewind, it seems to do something more akin
to pausing, and after doing that it seemed to get "stuck" for a while before
it finally started playing again.  I was also unable to fast-forward back to
"real time".  Should this be working for HDTV yet, and if so any suggestions
as to what I should look at to figure out why it isn't?

Later tonight I will try to clean things up and submit a patch.  I still
need to double-check if there's anything in libavcodec that needs changing
too, not sure yet.


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