[mythtv] escaping strings in sql queries

Jost Schenck jost.schenck at gmx.de
Mon Dec 22 04:32:59 EST 2003

I'm a rather new mythtv user and encountered a problem with not properly 
escaped sql queries, which I'd like to fix. It occurs since I switched to a 
different xmltv provider (the german grabber by Ben Bucksch); the problem is 
about quotes in titles. 

When I started to fix this, I noticed that there is some work already being 
done to escape quotes in some places, e.g. in programinfo.cpp, which is why I  
first wanted to ask if I missed something, before I start reviewing all sql 

The current code seems only to escape quotes and not other special characters 
and it seems the quote escaping is still not enough, as I get things like 

2003-12-21 22:24:34 Strange, file: 
/var/store/21_20031221092000_20031221100000.nuv doesn't exist.
DB Error (Recorded program deletion):
Query was:
DELETE FROM recorded WHERE chanid = 21 AND title = "Jim Knopf und die "Wilde 
13"" AND starttime = 20031220092700 AND endtime = 20031220100000;
Driver error was [2/1064]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'Wilde 13"" AND starttime = 
20031220092700 AND endtime = 20031220100000' at line 1

The corresponding line in the XMLTV input is this:

<title lang="de">Jim Knopf und die &quot;Wilde 13&quot;</title>

This also led to error messages in the first run of mythfilldatabase after 
changing to the new grabber.
So my questions are:
- is this a bug in myth or in the grabber (for using those &quot; entities)
- is it okay if I try to ensure proper escaping of ascii string in all SQL 
queries and send you a patch?

So far I added an escapeString(const QString) function to libmyth/util.* and 
started a little work on changing the queries to use this function.

Thanks a lot,

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