[mythtv] Buy a system?

Bishop bishop at platypus.bc.ca
Tue Dec 16 21:32:10 EST 2003

Larry and Everyone,

I thought there was a wiki around, all about MythTV.

It may provide some kinda hardware compatibility list, but I'm not sue it
provides any dealer location for hardware.  Since She Who Must Be Obeyed
authorized purchase of MythTV HW, I have been looking around for the right

Me, I'd like to get some Co to assemble a 2-PVR250 Mini-ITX Nehemiah M2k
box, in something like a Hoojum case with a built-in IR port.  That'd be
special.  Thing is, I found the 2-PCI riser (mini-itx.com) card, but no
box that supports both a pair of PCI ports AND with an IR port on the

I'm a weenie, far too busy/lazy/asperger's to (buy and) take a dremel to a
new case or accept the 'dongle' set-up;  in fact, I'm sure SWMBO will
completely reject any idea that includes MORE cables draped about any part
of the home.  So, anyone pass me (again) the link to the MythTV wiki, and
if there's a HWCL, I'd love a link to that as well;  a dealer list would
be absolutely stellar, and anyone with a personal recommendation as to a
mini-itx case with a built-in IR port and two PCI slots would be my
personal jesus.

              (apologies to Depeche Mode)

If we need to build such a compatibility/dealer list, I'm sure I could
fire up some kinda php/mysql mess and get something going that others can

 - bish

> MythTV looks really cool. Is there anywhere I can buy a system (HW & SW).
> I love the idea of linux. I run a couple different linux systems. I don't
> have time to create another one. If someone has done it before maybe it is
> worth your time and my money for you to do one for me. If anyone is
> interested please let me know.

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