[mythtv] Preview release 1 of the new theme G.A.N.T.

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Tue Dec 16 09:24:07 EST 2003

>> David Engel wrote:
>> Bruce,  have  you  done  anything else to G.A.N.T. to make sure the important
>> stuff is visible in the standard TV viewing area?

BM> Bruce Markey wrote:
BM> No. This is one of the better themes for keeping text away from
BM> the edges. The problem screens usually are the EPG and description
BM> text on the playbox and priorities pages. Here it's a little
BM> tight but better than some other themes.

BM> Another spot that seems to be a problem for all themes is
BM> any page with the large rectangle for lists like the proglist
BM> or priorities pages. It would probably be better if there was
BM> a new frame where the rectangle was a little shorter with maybe
BM> one or two fewer viewable items in the lists. This would allow
BM> a little more space at the top and bottom. The menu choices at
BM> the bottom of the finder and priorities pages are usually too
BM> tight against the bottom edge.

Well,  all  of  the  screens  are  based on blue.. So it has the same problems..
Haven't really looked at tweaking those pages yet (i like how blue does it). The
only  problem I know of is the advanced recording screen where you don't see one
(or more?) buttons(s) at the bottom.. But that's not because of the theme..

Davig Engel wrote:
>it's  been brought up before, but theme designers need to make sure their works
>are usable on TVs with overscan setup.

Since you're working on the 350 tvout stuff, I guess that's what you're using ;)
I  got  this card a couple of days ago and had to change the window size quite a
lot  to  be  able  to see everything.. I'll have to look at how this affects the
theme.  But  yeah,  the watermark will be moved a little to the left, it's a bit
tight  there..  But  I need the current size of the text items, so I'll probably
make the logo a bit smaller..

David Engel wrote:
>in the standard TV viewing area?

What  do  you  mean  by  that?  I mean, of course you have to setup the overscan
settings of Myth so that you see the whole window?

>I like it!

Thanks :)

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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