[mythtv] Mythgame default settings

Mark mrote at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 14 23:18:23 EST 2003

I recently started using MythGame and it works great for the most part. One
problem I've run into is that it ignores some of the default settings when
playing Mame games. For example, if I set it to use a joystick in Default
settings, it is ignored by the games. I have to go into the settings for
each individual game, have it ignore the default settings and then select
the joystick to use. In messing with mamehandler.cpp, I found that if I
remove lines 842,843 and 872  the problem goes away and the default settings
are then used. Am I the only person seeing this or do I have something setup

842 if(!game_settings.default_options)
 843    {
 872   }

Also, I think that at line 711 in mamehandler.cpp this should be -x11 mode 3
instead of 1 to get full screen.

fullscreen = (game_settings.fullscreen == 1) ? " -x11-mode 1" :


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