[mythtv] my todo list

Kevin Elliott kevin at phunc.com
Sun Dec 14 18:37:02 EST 2003

> Well, I like gant better now..  =)  Michael Greb's working on a replacement 
> themes section for the website, however, so things should be much nicer from 
> a user standpoint of selecting an alternate theme to use..  I'd even like to 
> get automatic downloading / installation of themes going at some point (hit 
> up the website, present a list of compatible themes, etc).

I just started putting together some pieces for automatic downloading and
installation of themes... essentially a myththememanager. Before I got carried
away, I wanted to give a taste of the XML that the website could end up spitting
out to mythtv client requests. I have already got this xml generated
automatically from a simple sql database that keeps track of the themes.
Obviously this database could have alternative front ends too, like a regular
html/xhtml website showing the themes and offering a manual download.

I'd appreciate any comments...

<MythThemes timestamp="200312141519">

  <mythTheme name="blue">

    <version version="1.0" compatibleWith="0.13+">

      <previewImage size="640x480" type="mainMenu">





  <mythTheme name="sleek">


    <version version="0.35" compatibleWith="0.13+">

      <previewImage size="640x480" type="mainMenu">

      <previewImage size="640x480" type="nowPlaying">





Kevin Elliott
kevin at phunc.com

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