[mythtv] X-less Backend Setup

Keir Christian Lauritzen keir at wam.umd.edu
Tue Dec 9 19:16:34 EST 2003

I just went through a major upgrade my myth systems I wanted to share my
experience and add some feature requests. I do want to thank everyone who
works on Mythtv and I am not complaining as my setup works, these are just
optimization issues.

I went from my personal computer as a frontend/backend to 3 systems: a dedicated headless
backend, a mame arcade frontend, and my computer occasionally runs the

For me to setup the headless backend, I had to install X, Qt, and set it
up.  Is it possible easy to have a X-less setup and write an ncurses
setup program?  I run Gentoo and it adds a while to include all of that.
Is Qt necessary to run a backend and could it be seperated?

It would be nice to have a desktop friendly frontend. I like to run Myth
on my desktop machine, but when I do I need to run the frontend.  A
program which btter fits a mouse/keyboard environment just for mythtv (to
start) would be awesome.  The frontend is not intended for the desktop.
If a seperate frontend where made it could also probably be ported to
windows so people in mixed households can use it.

The arcade machine works great with myth.  The one thing that would make
it better is some sort of machine profiles.  I  could say I have a mame
machine, an it would use lctrl as enter.  It could also reverse map the
arrow buttons, which are backwards on many mame boxes.  Other devices
might benefit from this function as well.

Thanks again, I'm done expounding.  I don't code, but I do have a roommate
I may be able to bribe that does code.  Thank for all the hard work.

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