[mythtv] Conflict resolution & priority rankings

bobnvic at everestkc.net bobnvic at everestkc.net
Tue Dec 9 12:00:45 EST 2003

Kirby Vandivort wrote:
> Bruce Markey wrote:
> > Bob C wrote:
> > >Priority ratings/rankings have never worked on my system.
> > 
> > Ranking worked just fine, however, Prioritying didn't seem
> > to work so well.
> > 
> > Update to current CVS. Go to TV Settings->Recording Priority->
> > General. Make sure both boxes are checked and click Finish
> > again.
> FYI, this particular step was only necessary if you happened to update
> to CVS in the week or so in between rec priority initially going 
> in and
> the db check changes that went in a week or so later.  For anyone just
> now updating to CVS they shouldn't need to do this.

I'm using CVS from Dec 6th, with the previsous version I used being from
about the time .12 was released (give or take a week).  I did have to
re-check the setting boxes again after installing on Dec 6th, but it
didn't seem to make a difference.  I'll update to the latest CVS again
tonight and see if Bruce's changes make a difference for me.

Bob C
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