[mythtv] Video/backend problem...

Wade Winright wade at northwestvision.com
Fri Dec 5 00:20:37 EST 2003

Hello all,
I am running mythtv 0.12 and I am having the following problem I'm hoping 
someone has seen before:

After about 30min of watching live tv, I get a strange "hiccuping" or what 
might be best described as the buffer momentarily flashing to the actual live 
capture accompanied by some pixelation. The audio never skips. this 
progresses for a very long time, becoming more frequent, until the backend 
crashes, and the log states, Did not recieve signal from the capture card for 
15 seconds, Game over, man (which I think is the greatest error message 

This leads me to beleive it is the driver for the capture card, but I'm not 
really sure.

The card is the PVR350. 
1.2Ghz Athlon T-brid
1GB of RAM

Any pointers/solutions/links would be appreciated.

Thanks for the time,

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