[mythtv] Next release // website stuff?

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Dec 4 16:55:44 EST 2003

On Thursday 04 December 2003 07:43 am, Doug Larrick wrote:
> From an HDTV perspective:
> I am working on a third draft of the positionmap-by-framenumber patch
> (the one you rejected, one that didn't work at all, and now one that
> shows promise).  Without something like this, rewind/fastforward is
> basically broken for DVB and HDTV streams, though I'd understand if you
> want to hold off -- I imagine anybody really interested in HDTV at this
> point is following CVS anyway.

Yeah, I'd like to merge that in after the 0.13 release.  Just In Case. =)

> Steve Brown's patch from yesterday, once he makes that one change,
> enables reception for some stations that don't work now.

Ok.  Sounds good.


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