[mythtv] mythweb and scheduled recordings

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Thu Dec 4 16:41:25 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 11:24, Chris Petersen wrote:
> > Speaking of mythweb, I'm really digging the mythwap theme.  Would be
> > even cooler if mythweb detected my browser client and selected the theme
> > accordingly... (Galeon uses Default theme vs. Palmpilot uses Mythwap)
> Yeah, and it will...   I still haven't had a chance to officially
> include the the WAP theme yet, anyway.   In the mean time, if someone
> can point me to a list of WAP user agent strings, it'd help.

If I can get my Tungsten T3 working with networking over Bluetooth again
(d*mned Windows Bluetooth install is a little tricky), I can send you my
user agent string.  That would be enough to test, right?

Hmm... instead of having a dedicated, growing list of WAP user agents,
why not, upon first connecting to mythweb, give the user a choice about
which theme to use, then store a cookie holding this choice?

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