[mythtv] Next release // website stuff?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 4 09:40:15 EST 2003

On Thursday 04 December 2003 02:30, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> ...
> > This is just a small patch to add a couple of bindings to the
> > MythSpinBox widget.  I've sent it before, but I think it got lost
> > in the shuffle; at least I didn't notice it in the -commits list.
> I remember this and it would be a good thing in several places.
> You had mentioned the Manual Recording page and this would be
> really nice for setting a long post-roll time. However, it may
> not be a good thing in a couple of places in Recording Profiles.
> If a user has a remote control and she doesn't have Key_Next
> and Key_Prior mapped, changing the bitrate by 1000 or 2000
> would be painful. More importantly, allowing the users to
> change the recording width and height by one is a Bad Thing.
> These need to be multiples of at least 8 for recordings to
> work properly. This was one of the nice things about the GUI
> settings rather than editing a file, lots of user complaints
> went away once the GUI only allowed valid sizes.
> Any ideas on how to handle these cases?
> --  bjm

How 'bout I add a boolean flag to the MythSpinBox class that controls 
whether or not this behavior is enabled.  Default would be the current 
behavior, like so:

Default (flag false)
	Left/Right = dec/inc by stepsize
	Prior/Next = no-op

modified behavior (flag true):
	Left/Right = dec/inc by 1
	Prior/Next = dec/inc by stepsize

if no stepsize set, default to 10

What say ye?


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