[mythtv] Next release // website stuff?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 3 23:08:59 EST 2003

On Wednesday 03 December 2003 21:51, Isaac Richards wrote:
> Are there any big patches pending that I either haven't seen or commented on 
> yet?  I'm thinking that it's past time for the 0.13 release..  So, maybe 
> week sometime, to give people more time to test stuff.
> Also, would anyone be interested in improving the themes section on the 
> website?  It'd be nice to be able to be able to show more than a single 
> screenshot, handle different versions, etc, which the current stuff just 
> doesn't do at all..
> Isaac

This is just a small patch to add a couple of bindings to the MythSpinBox 
widget.  I've sent it before, but I think it got lost in the shuffle; at 
least I didn't notice it in the -commits list.


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