[mythtv] metadata

Clint Silvester clint at focuscompanies.com
Wed Dec 3 23:29:32 EST 2003

Hi, I've been using myth for a few months now and loving it.  Great
work.  I've got an issue with the guessTitle() in metadata.cpp of
mythvideo.  Particularly these calls:

title = title.left(title.find("["));
title = title.left(title.find("("));

  A lot of the videos I've downloaded have [brackets] at the beggining
of them and the check in there says to get everything on the left of the
bracket (or parentheses) but that would return null I guess, so the
entire path to the file is shown when I browse, making it so I can't
discern them well.  I took those two calls out, but it seemed to screw
up when it displays the filename in another location, so maybe that was
in there because the brackets or parentheses screw up parsing the
filename or something, but I don't know where to change it at.  I guess
I'm just requesting something besides what's in there as my files show
up as "/Full/Path/To/[some]file.avi" which usually extends way off the
screen.  I can change my filenames, but I could see others having this
problem as well so I figured I would suggest changing it.

Clint Silvester

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