[mythtv] [PATCH] More 6544 updates

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Wed Dec 3 20:37:34 EST 2003

Hello Development,

   * the  countdown  calculation  now  doesn't use .daysTo since it counts from
     midnight and not the exact time.. so it's done manually now.
   * the countdown now takes RecordPreRoll in count.
   * if there's no guide data, it no longer gives funky output, instead you get
     a  friendly  reminder  to  run  mythfilldatabase..  i partially did this by
     adding a query.isValid(), is that correct?

   * added xml namespace to make it look shiny and new
   * added  MYTH_BINARY_VERSION  in  the  <title>..  i'll  try  to come up with
     something better..
   * There's  a  warning  on  every  encoder  if it's getting low on discspace.
     (untested on slave backends, but it should work).

    * i need help getting the per recording preroll.. could someone help me out
      here?  the  easiest  thing would be to get _real_ a recstart time with all
      the  preroll  and  stuff  already  added.. there's also the issue when two
      recordings  starts  to  conflict so that the preroll doesn't kick in.. how
      should  that  be handled? i don't know enough about the scheduler to solve
      this.. anyone? :)

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