[mythtv] [patch] hdtvrecorder and pat/pmt parsing

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Wed Dec 3 19:49:28 EST 2003

On 12/03/03 17:53:53, Steve Brown wrote:
> Rather than parsing the pat and pmt, hdtvrecorder assumed that the  
> pmt pid was 1 less than the lowest pid found in the first 50 ts  
> packets. This usually works.
> However, it broke for KING-HD here in Seattle, where the pmt is 0x30  
> and the video/audio pids are 0x11 and 0x14 respectively. The symptom  
> is an "avformat error -1" from avformatdecoder.cpp.
> The attached patch now plays all my local hd stations. Other  
> prebuffering and osd update hiccups are unaffected.
> I'd appreciate some confirmation that I haven't busted something in  
> the process.

I'm a little concerned about what happens in RewritePMT when a program  
has multiple audio PIDs associated with it, e.g. a second audio  
program.  I think it will probably latch onto the last one in the  
table, which probably *is* the Spanish, French, or descriptive audio  
Instead of setting video_pid and audio_pid in RewritePMT, can you  
decode them out of the PAT when you find the desired_program (where you  
currently set the pmt_pid), choosing the first audio PID?

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