[mythtv] New keybindings breaks 'F' key during playback

Ben Levitt levittben at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 18:11:10 EST 2003

--- Steve Davies <steve at one47.co.uk> wrote:
> I am one or two days behind CVS, so this MIGHT have
> been fixed - I will catch 
> up as soon as I can reach the server physically.
> During playback, when pressing 'F' to set
> brightness, the attempt to use 
> left/right arrows makes one change to the selected
> Xv display parameter, and 
> then drops into a 30s fast forward, cancelling the
> display-change mode.
> Hope this report is useful - Sorry I'm in no
> position to patch this.
> Regards,
> Steve

I'm not running cvs right now so I can't test, but
this code from libs/libmythtv/tv_play.cpp shows off
the problem:  

        else if (action == "RIGHT")
            if (picAdjustment)
            handled = true;
        else if (action == "SEEKFFWD")
            if (paused)
                DoSeek(1.001 / frameRate,
            else if (!stickykeys)
                if (smartForward && doSmartForward)
                    DoSeek(rewtime, tr("Skip Ahead"));
                    DoSeek(fftime, tr("Skip Ahead"));
            handled = true;

Maybe I don't fully understand the new keybindings
stuff yet, but this looks like there are seperate keys
defined for adjusting picture settings, and for
seeking forward and back.  These should either be
merged back together into one pair of keys, or we need
to have a way to deal with the presumably common case
where they are set to be the same. 

Here is a patch to merge them.  If we want to keep
seperate the keys for adjusting picture settings, and
for seeking, then we'll have to figure out what to do
when multiple functions are bound to the same keys...


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