[mythtv] frontend crash w/ ff/rewind on divx files (seems ok withrtjpeg) w/ cvs from 11-30-03

Rick Warner rick at sapphire.no-ip.com
Tue Dec 2 08:27:30 EST 2003

On Tuesday 02 December 2003 04:39, Oscar Carlsson wrote:
> >> When fast forwarding or rewinding on divx encoded files, i get seg
> >> faults. Encoding is being done w/ divx at 640x480 at 2200kbps and mp3 sound
> >> at quality 5.  System is a dual athlon.  Let me know if more info is
> >> needed.
> EW> I get the same issue with mpeg2 from dvb broadcasts in exactly the same
> EW> place.  I suspect that it is seektable related because (try this), if
> you EW> watch the program through without rewinding or FF, then when you go
> back you EW> can RW/FF without problem...  I have had a cursory look
> through, but EW> couldn't work out exactly what was going wrong.
> EW> This is with CVS from 1-2 weeks back.
> Don't  know  if  it's  related at all, but yesterday I tried ff/rew with
> "Sticky Keys", wich made things very unstable.. Never used it before.
> You guys using sticky keys?
not me either.  my frontend is local too, not remote.  i'm off to work right 
now, i'll check on the watching something twice sugestion to see if that gets 
it to work.  How would I build seektables for my recordings?

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