[mythtv] AC3 passthrough

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Tue Dec 2 02:14:31 EST 2003

On Tuesday 02 December 2003 02:07 am, Jason Hoos wrote:
> It actually happens on live TV as well.  Is the ABC affiliate by you a 720p
 station?  If so, does it seem to work well during live TV?  (If there's
> no 720p station by you, would you be interested in testing a ~30-second
> clip if I could manage to put one together?)
> I've actually done some checking by putting a call into audiooutputalsa.cpp
> to 
 check how much of the sound card's buffer is full (something like
> snd_pcm_avail_update() I think?), and the dropouts seem to correspond to
> times when the buffer is mostly empty (which makes sense).  It seems that
> the decoder isn't keeping the buffer sufficiently full during playback,
> maybe because it's a small buffer.  I don't know what soundcards typically
> have for buffer sizes; this one is apparently 64k (16384 frames) from what
> I can tell...

Tried turning on the 'Extra audio buffering' option in the playback settings 
at all?  It attempts to keep the audio buffer full.


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