[mythtv] More on Mythtv0.11 release crashing with fast forward. backtrace attached

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Aug 31 22:19:53 EDT 2003

On Sunday 31 August 2003 03:53 pm, cmisip wrote:
> With sticky keys on, the freeze is always on the same part of the
> recording.  There is a lot of disk trashing when mythtv gets to this
> part of the recording (almost a minute or so) and then mythtv quits to
> the previous screen(watch a recording screen).  Sometimes, it doesn't
> and this backtrace is from when it didn't return me to the previous
> screen.  When mythfrontend is killed, there is a lot of Rebuffering
> messages on the output.  The first backtrace is from when mythfrontend
> crashed immediately upon playing back a video and returned me to
> emacs.The second backtrace, was the forward freeze.  I have quite a big
> LVM storage consisting of 100 gigs, 2 x 80 gigs, and 160 gigs of storage
> combined into one LVM storage.I wonder if that has anything to do with
> it. Running Redhat9 with 2.4.20-19.9 kernel and SBlive 5.1 with OSS
> drivers, and ATI TV Wonder and ATI TV Wonder VE in the master backend;
> WinTV Go in the slave backend.    I hope these backtraces and info prove
> useful.   Thanks

You're going to have to switch to a different version of gdb or something.  I 
can't use these backtraces, as they're missing the most recent stack segments 
in each section -- ie., I have absolutely no information on what it's 
actually _doing_.


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