[mythtv] mythmusic crashing

Mark Edwards mark at edwards.homelinux.net
Sun Aug 31 10:12:12 EDT 2003


mythmusic needs to be compiled with the -g option.. this can be turned on by
using the DEBUG settings in the .pro files. Change the .pro files, rerun
qmake and then do a make clean; make

to invoke gdb, just type:

#gdb mythfrontend

You might want to try and run myth on a separate display so you can debug in
a ssh session on a separate terminal. If you do so, make sure you export the
DISPLAY variable so that myth can present the display on your TV or whatever
you are using.

when GDB is invoked with mythfrontend type 'run' to start things off.

gdb> run

when it segfaults, get the backtrace with the command bt 10 or bt 15 -
depending on how much you want to see.

gdb> bt 10

it is the backtrace you will want to post here.

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> hi,
> mythtv works fine here, i use it some time now and only had
> a few problems, nothing big...
> since i upgraded some libraries on my system (gentoo), mythmusic
> crashes with a segfault and there is some scratchy noise out of my
> speakers, which only disappears on reboot. so i upgraded mythtv to the
> latest cvs and tried again, same result.
> in order to give you help helping me, i compiled mythmusic (all other
> works fine!) with debug option enabled. so can you give me a hint, what
> i should do next, to give you some information about the crash?
> mythmusic is the module i use most, so this is hard for me :(
> i think i should use gdb to debug, but don't know how to use properly.
> so please, can anyone help me?
> thanks daniel
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