[mythtv] mythmusic crashing

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Sat Aug 30 10:28:04 EDT 2003

On Saturday 30 August 2003 08:53 am, Daniel Paessler wrote:

> since i upgraded some libraries on my system (gentoo),

	And those libraries are ... ?

> mythmusic
> crashes with a segfault and there is some scratchy noise out of my
> speakers, which only disappears on reboot. so i upgraded mythtv to the
> latest cvs and tried again, same result.
> in order to give you help helping me, i compiled mythmusic (all other
> works fine!) with debug option enabled. so can you give me a hint, what
> i should do next, to give you some information about the crash?

	You need to run mythmusic in the debugger and send a backtrace once it 
segfaults. It's described here:

- thor


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