[mythtv] A couple of 16:9 questions and HDTV

Rick Weldon rick at nova.org
Fri Aug 29 21:34:24 EDT 2003

I've now got myth hooked up to my Sony 50XBR800 LCD HDTV via the DVI port. 
Its way cool to have Myth on the big screen.  

The picture is over scanned on my set and the ability to adjust this in the 
interface itself has allowed me to shrink it down to fit where I can see 
everything but there are still some issues.  For instance my icons are ovular 
instead of round as I make the adjustments and TV viewing is now stretched 
wide. No big deal, I go into the interface and adjust the horizontal 
over/underscan to -10 % and this gets me back to 4x3 viewing. Unfortunately 
though when I bring up the EPG the preview of what is playing is jammed onto 
left side of the screen and the box where the video would be is black and 
says "video loading" or something like that.  What's the best way to fix 
this? I assume that position is dynamically calculated and for a non 4:3 
format screen its just off. I haven't take the time to find this code yet,  
If someone could point me in the right direction here I'll have a look at 
what it takes to fix this.

Second I found the routines that do the pre-scaling for the interface icons 
and they seem to do nothing if the display is 800x600 and otherwise they 
calculate the scaling based on screen res. In my case that's 1368x720 which 
yields ovular icons. Again, whats the correct way to fix this or to take into 
consideration a non 4:3 display? My guess on choices would be A. to create 
icons that look right on a 16:9 format screen and detect that and use them or  
B. force a 4:3 scale and have the display realize it has more room for 
displaying the icons.  Am I even close here? Option A would mean 16x9 and 4x3 
themes. ick. B sounds right, but I'm not sure.

Also I ordered the pchdtv card 2 days ago. I can't wait till it gets here to 
play with it and test out the new code that supports this card.  I'll let 
folks know how it goes. 


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