[mythtv] DVB Code v0.3

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Thu Aug 28 22:13:27 EDT 2003

Hi, here's the lates update!


ChangeLog for alpha-0.3:
    - Reimplemented use_ts (Can anyone with a budget card confirm that it's working?).
    - A lot of fixes/cleanups from Ben (most got in).
    - Reinstated wait for SEQ_START (to prevent errors on channel change).
    - Seektable fixes (Should be working correct now).
    - Cleanups for SEGV on exit.
    - Put in fec_inner in DB (Thanks for reporting this Oscar Carlsson).
    - Added DB defaults (auto) for those parameters that it makes sense.
    - Added fallback in parsing to auto for those parameters that have 'default auto' in DB.
    - Fixed a missing break in channel parser, which caused DVB-C to fail (Oscar Carlsson).
    - Added printing of channel options on QAM(DVB-C) & OFDM(DVB-T) when tuning.
    - Added parsing of missing constellation parameter for DVB-T.

Hope that helps.


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