[mythtv] Re:Transcoding pvr-250 files

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Aug 28 09:29:20 EDT 2003

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:07:04 -0400, "Vinton Coffman
vintonc-at-redzone.com |mythtv/1.0-Allow|" <661whj4npx0t at sneakemail.com>
>  > I'm not near my TV, so I can't actually make sure it works, but can
>  > someone with a PVR250 try making this one line change, and see if it
>  > fixes the seeking problems on transcoded files? (Note, this isn't what
>  > the final patch would look like, as it breaks the force-key-frames
>  > option, but if you are using 'X' from mythfrontend, you're not using 
> that
>  > option anyway.
>  >
>  > in NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
>  > @@ -3218,7 +3221,7 @@
>  > else
>  > writekeyframe = decoder->isLastFrameKey();
>  > - nvr->WriteVideo(&frame, true, writekeyframe);
>  > + nvr->WriteVideo(&frame, false, writekeyframe);
>  > }
>  >
>  > if (QDateTime::currentDateTime() > curtime)
>  >
>  >Thanks,
>  > .Geoff
> I tried the above suggestion with night's CVS (Aug 28 11:00 p.m. EDT) 
> and it seems to work.  Skipping and scanning work correctly.
> I didn't  check the elapse time before transcoding but the hour long 
> show claims to be 21:28 long.  Its seems that something in the cvs 
> update may have changed the way elapse time is calculated.  Its late 
> and I don't have time to time the length of this show but 21:28 seems 
> like the amount of time that would be cut out of an hour long show due 
> to commercials.  So this calculation may be reversed.
Well, either (a) the transcoder cut out the wrong part, (b) I wrote the
header incorrectly, or (c) something is wrong with the calculation.  This
seems odd.  When you get a chance, can you validate the actual length of
the file?  Nothing I did should have caused it to be wrong (that I know

  Was this 
> something that was in the verbose patch Issac committed earlier tonight?

> The audio seems lower pitched after transcoding too.  I'm using native 
> alsa support.  Should I start a new thread for that one?  Or, is it 
> normal?  The file was transcoded with uncompressed audio @ 48000 
> sampling rate.
That also shouldn't have anything to do with this patch.  Or anything
else I've done, I'd like more feedback on this too.

> Thanks for the quick work around, Geoff.  Will CVS overwrite the 
> changes to NuppleVideoPlayer.cpp with the next update to it?
No.  The other patch I posted won't interfere with this one.  It won't go
away unless you use '-C' when you 'cvs update'
I will build a better version of this patch and submit it (that one will
conflict the one you applied)


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