[mythtv] DVB Code Update

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Wed Aug 27 13:42:15 EDT 2003

Kenneth Aafloy wrote:

>Fixed. [6 times]
Thanks a lot!

>>            dvr_pids.push_back(new dvb_dvr_pid_t);
>>No need to use a pointer.
This too? Well, not *that* important, can change that later.

>That won't work on structs.
I thought that C++ creates default = and == operators for classes (and 
structs are like classes in C++), assigning/comparing all the 
properties. Maybe that was only true for =. You could create a == 
operator, but that's no simpler than your solution, so no problem here.

>I guess a memcmp would suffice.
hm? Please not.


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