[mythtv] Two Bugs in Mythtv v0.11 & Two Usability Requests

Roy Hooper rhooper at toybox.ca
Tue Aug 26 23:51:45 EDT 2003

>I get something similar... if I go into the 'Watch Recordings' screen and 
>mythbackend isn't running, the frontend exits/crashes.  No real biggie for 
>me, since my frontend will auto restart.  However, it would look cleaner if 
>this put up an error screen instead.
While we're talking about what could be done here, i'll make more 
Such an error page could be the result of exec()ing a replacement to 
mythfrontend that sits and looks for a backend server.  This wrapper 
could also have an optional "restart backend" button that could call a 
setuid program to attempt to restart the backend, if the backend is 
local.  If the backend is not local, it could say something polite about 
bugging the "system administrator"/geek who set it all up.  The 
message(s) could probably be stored in config files.  Once the wrapper 
find the backend, it could re-exec a frontend...

Similarly, for serious (frontend) SQL errors, the same could be done...
Again, i'm happy to put this on a list of things Roy spoke about that he 
might get around to sometime...


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